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What is a "Personal Injury"?

A personal injury can arise from a variety of mishaps including: automobile accidents, motorcycle crashes, slip and fall, dog bites, car wrecks and defective products, just to name a few. Some cases can involve very serious injury resulting in major hospitalization, surgery, permanent disfigurement or even death (which case is then governed by the wrongful death statute), while other cases may involve a more minor injury which does not become apparent until some time after the accident and which can be treated through outpatient therapy. Whatever the mode or severity of injury, our legal system is based upon the principle that those persons causing injury (called the "tortfeasor") should be held legally responsible. This usually means that the person or company who was negligent in causing an injury will have to pay money damages in the form of financial compensation to the person who was harmed. If the tortfeasor has purchased insurance, then the insurance company may be responsible for paying in order to make the injured party "whole" again and to compensate them for the "pain and suffering" which they have been forced to endure. This is where a personal injury lawyer can help. Many times the responsible or at-fault party will attempt to deny responsibility or seek to downplay and minimize the injuries, pain and suffering. A good personal injury lawyer can help to assert your claim and present your case in a manner that maximizes your financial recovery. If the tortfeasor or their insurance company does not make a fair and appropriate settlement offer, then the injury attorney will file a lawsuit and ultimately present your claim to a jury who will then decide any issues of liability as well as a fair amount of financial compensation.


Gerald Perez is a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer. He has successfully handled numerous automobile accident and personal injury cases and stands ready to assist you in evaluating the dollar worth of your case and presenting your injury claim for insurance settlement or lawsuit. Mr. Perez serves all of Hillsborough County including Tampa, Lutz, Carrollwood, Brandon, Riverview, Ruskin, Apollo Beach and Plant City. Mr. Perez also accepts cases in neighboring central Florida counties including: Pinellas, Pasco, Polk and Manatee, as well as serious injury and wrongful death cases throughout the State of Florida.


Mr. Perez has spoken to, urged and persuaded dozens and dozens of juries regarding the assignment of blame and fault - personal injury lawsuits revolve around the assignment of blame and fault. Fortunately, most cases are settled without the necessity of a lawsuit or jury trial. However, if you were to feel that the tortfeasor or insurance company was not being fair with its financial settlement offer, then Mr. Perez would not hesitate to put his extensive trial experience to work in pursuing your claim for financial compensation.




Defective Products

Product liability cases can take many forms. Latent defects, malfunctions and improper designs can be grounds for this type of claim. Numerous household products such as appliances, lawnmowers, ladders, have given rise to product liability suits. Pharmaceutical drugs, breast implants, and automobile tires also have given rise to large class-action lawsuits.


Dog Bites

Some dog breeds are known to be particularly vicious and dangerous, while other dogs never display any aggressive signals until they actually attack. However, under Tampa law and Florida law, a dog owner may be held "strictly-liable" even if there were no outward signs that the dog was dangerous. In some circumstances a landlord or property owner may also be held liable for a dog owned by someone else. Tragically the victims of these animal attacks are all too often young children who can be scarred, severely injured or even killed.


Faulty Security

When a property owner, business or landlord allows customers and invitees onto the property, they have a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment. Examples of claims made under this category include: poor lighting or overgrown bushes at bank ATM results in robber lying in wait and robbing customer; no security guard in parking lot of high crime area results in assault of customer, etc.


Slip and Fall

A person slipping and falling can result in serious injury. If a property owner knew or should have known of a dangerous condition and failed to warn or safeguard, then he may be liable for any injuries which occur. Examples of dangerous conditions are: holes in the ground; liquid or slippery substance on floor; cracked or uneven flooring; loose carpet or tiles; poor lighting, etc.


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